Pottery with SC Art Group

Our Pottery Group welcomes beginners through to accomplished ceramic artists.

Our members enjoy playing with clay in all its forms including hand building, sculpting and wheel throwing.

We have a well equipped pottery studio which has hand building work spaces, throwing wheels,  gas/electric/Raku kilns, extruder, slab roller, etc.  

Self Help Sessions (members only)

Pottery Group Sessions

Mon 10am to 2pm

Tues, Wed & Friday – 9am to 1pm

Contact: Debra – potterinpurple@hotmail.com

Saturday Group

2nd & 4th Sat –  9am to 1pm

Contact: Kim – info@sunshinecoastartgroup.com.au

Play with Clay Classes (open to all)

– Basic hand building

– Wheel classes

Contact: Debra – potterinpurple@hotmail.com


Workshops are available for SCArt members and are advertised on the studio noticeboard.

Pottery Studio


Pottery Group Leader

Debra Ducrou